The gallery showcases Rezo’s paintings, sculptures, graphics, ceramics and puppets from throughout his career, and at present can be viewed by appointment only.


“Perhaps the most important peculiarity of Gabriadze’s art is its

freedom. As an artist he is free — free of any compromises, of any

laws that might restrict his hands, of academic knowledge and rules.

e only thing of which he is not free is his soul — sensitive, tender,

and loving.”

Art critic
Andrei Sarabianov


The following is a list of exhibitions that have featured Rezo’s artworks:

1952 Exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of Nikolai Gogol’s death, Kutaisi (G)

1990 From Eisenstein to Tarkovsky, St.dtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich (G)

1991 Rezo Gabriadze: Painting, Graphics, Theater, Summer Garden, Rossi Pavilion, St. Petersburg (S)

1994 The Premiere that Never Took Place, Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum, St. Petersburg (S)

2008 Exhibition at the State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art, St. Petersburg (S)

2012 Rezo Gabriadze, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow (S)

2016 Rezo Gabriadze: An Extraordinary Exhibition, Museum of Moscow (S)

  S = solo exhibition, G = group exhibition


Books with illustrations by Rezo Gabriadze:

Yuz Aleshkovsky, Yuz! (Middletown, CT, 2010)

Andrei Bitov, Metamorphoses (Moscow, 2008)

Andrei Bitov, Pushkin Abroad, part 1: Pushkin in Spain (Moscow, 1989)

Andrei Bitov, Pushkin’s Hare (Moscow, 1993)

Tonino Guerra, The Lion with the Gray Beard (Tbilisi, 1997)

Natan Perelman, Conversations by the Piano (Moscow, 2013)

Mikhail M. Zhvanetsky, Be Careful … Aphorisms (Moscow, 2008)

Mikhail M. Zhvanetsky, Collected Works, 4 vols. (Moscow, 2001)

Mikhail M. Zhvanetsky, One Year for Two (Moscow, 1987)



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