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Diamond of Marshal de Fantié

 From the Author

“It was a request from the Rustaveli Theatre. The play is entirely based on Tbilisi urban folklore. I took the most vivid of all the existing characters of the time, and moved them to Paris, a city I had not yet seen. Some of these characters came to Paris directly from the donkey market with their own intrigues. It is a real opera bouffe, shameless and deprived of modesty. The play is often staged at drama schools, because the characters are so colourful and captivating.”

Rezo Gabriadze

About the play

“Diamond of Marshal de Fantié” is a romantic comedy. It is set in the 19th century. General, Prince Vano Pantiashvili unexpectedly receives a telegram saying his uncle, Marshal de Fantié long forgotten by everyone has died in Paris. He has bequeathed “Diamond de Fantié” of a fantastic size – 9,747 carat to the general.

In order to receive the inheritance the prince accompanied by some citizens of old Tbilisi sets off to Paris where adventures start and the general falls in love for the first time in his life.

Diamond of Marshal de Fantié
Revived performance (2015)
Playwright, director and scenic designer – Rezo Gabriadze
Puppet designers – Tengiz Mirzashvili, Rezo Gabriadze


Prince – Erosi Manjgaladze
Khecho – Ramaz Chkhikvadze
Tekla – Veriko Anjaparidze
Khanuma – Salome Kancheli
Keto – Medea Japaridze
Kote – Imer Kavsadze
Postman – Ruslan Mikaberidze
Marquise – Natia Kavsadze
Plesi Pikѐ – Zaza Papuashvili
Zipo – Goga Pipinashvili
Vice President – Temur Tsiklauri
Presenter – Otar Baghaturia
Madam Galifѐ – Nino Arsenishvili
Eiffel – Kakha Gogidze
Porpile – Guia Abesalashvili
Also: Merab Sichinava, Zurab Tsiskaridze, Amiran Buadze
Musical staging:
Nana Avalishvili, Eduard Israelov
Musical performers:
Nana Avalishvili, Marina Iashvili, Nana Dimitriadi, Otar Chubinishvili


Tamar Amirejibi, Ana Nizharadze, Tamar Kobakhidze, Badri Gvazava, Irakli Sharashidze, Niko Gelovani, Giorgi Giorgobiani
Lighting designer – Mamuka Bakradze
Sound designers– Mikheil Kilasonidze, DaviT Khositashvili
Props– Gela Jangirashvili
Constructor – Alexandr Kheimanovski
Technician – Avtandil Gonashvili
Costumes designed according to the sketches by Tengiz Mirzashvili and Rezo Gabriadze
Puppet Masters and Set Designers: Tamar Kobakhidze, Anna Sokhashvili, Maka Pachkoria, Nana Tchezhia, Tamar Zumbadze

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